The HISARNA Process

The HISARNA process is an alternative hot metal production process that combines several different technologies which eliminates the need for sinter and coke production plants.


TRIPLEX alloys are one of two main groups of high manganese steels, the other being the well known TWIP group of materials with the main differences between the groups being the aluminum and silicon content of the material.

Critical Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) Testing: Part Two

Crack tip opening displacement is widely used and quite specific in that it is the only standardized test that covers all fracture behaviors that occur between the extremes associated with the stress intensity factor K and J-integral tests.

Magnesium Alloy Strip Casting

Magnesium alloys are well known for light weighting specifically in transportation and mobile electronics but have production restrictions relating to formability and therefore are primarily die casted.

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