Elokuu 2017

  • Continued SAE and ASTM updates
  • CSN and GB updates for ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Electrolytic coated and clad Korean steel standards updated
  • New 3D printing data for polymers
  • New proprietary data for BMC and SMC composites

Heinäkuu 2017

  • ASTM standard updates with a wide range of applications
  • Hungarian MSZ standard updates for casting for use at elevated temperatures
  • Japanese JIS standard updates for sintered metal materials
  • New proprietary corrosion data
  • New 3D printing data for ceramics and polymers!
  • New proprietary data for BMC and SMC composites
  • New proprietary data for ceramics and polymers

Kesäkuu 2017

  • New IEC specifications added for a range of magnetically hard materials
  • Updates to magnesium alloy ingots and castings from ISO standards
  • Updates to VdTUV specifications for corrosion/heat resistant materials
  • New proprietary data for polymers, ceramics and composites

Toukokuu 2017

  • GB material updates including various forms
  • Updates to aluminum and copper alloy grades from GOST standards
  • SAE AMS standards updates for titanium and nickel alloy
  • New properties and curves added for magnetic materials
  • New Proprietary data for polymers and ceramics
  • Composition info for thermoplastics and thermoset elastomers

Huhtikuu 2017

  • Aerospace construction materials from B.S. standards updated
  • Continued ASTM standard updates for ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • New UK Ministry of Defense standards (DefStan) added
  • Updates to EN magnesium alloys
  • Indian IS standard updates for materials used for orthopedic implants
  • New Proprietary materials for polymers and ceramics
  • Update to IS standards for ceramic materials

Maaliskuu 2017

  • Continued CSN updates with a range of industrial applications
  • New GB standards for sintered soft magnetic materials
  • JIS standard updates for carbon steel pipes for high temperature service
  • Updates to CDA copper and copper alloys
  • New 3D printing materials for polymers! (additive manufacturing)
  • New Proprietary materials for polymers
  • New Proprietary data for ceramic materials
  • Updated creep data for nickel alloys

Helmikuu 2017

  • Continued Chinese GJB standard updates for aerospace
  • New magnetic properties data added for ASTM standard
  • Material updates for SAE ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • New proprietary data for free cutting steels
  • New 3D printing materials for polymers! (additive manufacturing)
  • New ASTM polymer materials added
  • New Proprietary data for Ceramic added

Tammikuu 2017

  • New ISO metallic materials for surgery use
  • GB standard updates for steels with a range of applications
  • New mechanical properties for EN aluminum alloys used for bars and tube
  • Cast steels for flame and induction from German SEW standards
  • New ASTM and proprietary data for polymer materials
  • New GOST and Proprietary data for ceramics materials
  • New fatigue, stress-strain and creep properties for copper alloys

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